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  • Treat Yourself to a Better Brownie

  • Ready made, any time treats!

Treat Yourself to a Better Brownie

Ready made, any time treats! shop brownies
(Brownie) points for the best ingredients
Every brownie is crafted with premium gut-healthy ingredients that are ethically sourced, non-GMO, & organic so you can indulge what you crave, happily (& free of stomach bloat or side effects)!
dalci avocado oil, gut healthy ingredients for better brownies and blondies

Avocado Oil

Rich in healthy fats and lipase for good digestion
dalci coconut sugar, gut healthy, low GI ingredients for better brownies and blondies

Coconut Sugar

A low-glycemic sweetener boasting prebiotics and probiotics
dalci almond flour gut healthy, high fiber ingredients for better brownies and blondies

Almond Flour

High fiber & healthy fats make for an easy on the gut alternative.

Moist vibes without the baking!

We like our brownies gooey, delicious, and pre-made. We're over dry bars. It's time a packaged brownie brought the moist vibes but was clean, gluten-free, and packed with flavor.

Joyfully Different

dalci brownies are 100% junk free! We bake our desserts using gut-friendly, premium, non-inflammatory ingredients. So go ahead, have your brownie and eat it too!
Zero Additives & Preservatives
Zero Sugar Alcohols & Refined Sugar

“I love reaching for dalci Brownies because they're specifically curated with simple and healthy ingredients. I don't have to try to trick myself by eating a "health bar" to satisfy the craving, dalci gives me the chance to eat a delicious brownie without worrying about inflammatory ingredients.”

Dr. Will Cole, New York Times bestselling author of Intuitive Fasting

“These brownie are EVERYTHING! I’m officially addicted. The texture is as if it’s right out of the oven/SO soft and the flavors are subtle and not overwhelming like a lot of other bars. You would never think these are healthy and I’ve tried so many “healthy” desserts.”

Hannah L (Verified Customer)

“The focus of dalci is gut health, but what many do not realize is that many of the ingredients also promote heart health and aim to decrease risk of other common chronic diseases. I have yet to find a truly comparable product to dalci!”

Shana Johnson, MPH, RD