We're on a mission to make "clean" clear.

Here's a not-so-fun-fact: any product can call itself “clean," regardless of what’s in it. Unlike “organic” or ”non-GMO,” which are highly regulated claims, “clean” is just an adjective. And we think it’s being misleadingly used. A lot.

There is no detailed consensus on what "clean" means in the United States. We feel strongly that our food system needs to define and regulate the language of “clean" so you know what you're eating.

But while we wait for that oversight, we decided to define the 5 key traits of what clean means to us:

  • 1. Only whole-food ingredients

    No flavor compounds created in a lab - only real, simple ingredients that a third grader can read (and understand!).

  • 2. Crystal clear labeling

    Labels should never pull punches to obscure the true nature of an ingredient or its nutritional value.

  • 3. Health > shelf life

    Real food isn't supposed to stay fresh forever. Preservatives and stabilizers are business priorities that come at the cost of human health.

  • 4. Body-intuitive ingredients

    Choose ingredients in forms that work with human digestive processes, not against it.

  • 5. Claims require clinical proof

    Whatever the claim may be - calming, clarity, energy, focus – it must stand on statistically significant, peer reviewed science to be taken seriously.

dalci is Non-GMO Project Verified

We're not here to bash GMOs. Because organism modification is nothing new. Crop modification is responsible for some of our favorite foods, like the modern banana. The majority of scientists argue that GMOs are safe to eat.

The largest concern around GMOs isn’t their prevalence or even their safety - it's transparency. Simply put, consumers have a right to know what their food is, how and where it's grown & processed, and who is engaged in that process. The Non-GMO Project is the industry pioneer in outlining clear, high quality standards for all of these questions.

This mission is largely in service of making sure consumers have access to the full story of their food vs. eradicating organism modification all together. We're proud to meet (and in many cases, exceed) these standards and look forward to pushing - with our cohort - for even greater transparency.

Clean doesn't have to mean compromise on decadence

We're unwilling to sacrifice sweet satisfaction for a clean label. Because what good is a clean dessert if it doesn't hit the spot?

We're pretty proud of the fact that treats freaks everywhere agree dalci is as good as (dare we say it, better than) dirtier delights.

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