By Najwa Khan

5 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Author: Noelle Khan

At dalci, lemons and water are our main “squeeze” or morning staples for keeping our hunger at bay, naturally improving our digestive health and giving our skin a radiant glow from the inside out. Because lemon is a major power fruit chock full of antioxidants we couldn’t help but sneak it into our Lemon Coconut Blondie. Whether they’re peeled, squeezed or zested, we’re all about wedging the mighty lemon into our morning cups of H20. 

If you’re like us, you might have scrolled through a few posts across your Instagram feed promoting the numerous benefits of lemon water – a popular remedy promised to promote healthy digestion, enhance a dull complexion, or curb hunger. The long list of nutritional benefits for this simple, yet affordable morning elixir of choice for health enthusiasts and bloggers alike does not stop there. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider swapping your morning coffee for a refreshing glass of lemon water. 

  • Offers a Delicious Way to Keep Hydrated 
  • Although we all know the importance of keeping hydrated, plain water just doesn’t do it for our taste buds when we’re craving a refreshing, yet healthy beverage with some added flavor. While you might be tempted to skip your daily intake of water, you shouldn’t risk dehydration and the negative role it can have on your digestive tract, mental clarity or performance at the gym. In a 2015 study that looked at the hydration status of athletes, it was concluded that a lack of fluids had an adverse effect on physical activity that exceeded more than thirty seconds. According to Harvard Health, healthy adults need to drink a minimum of four-to-six cups of water per day. To ensure you meet your daily intake without sacrificing flavor or your health, we recommend replacing inflammatory sugar laden or caffeinated beverages with a glass of lemon water. 

  • Provides a Daily Dose of Vitamin C 
  • You might be tempted to stock up on oranges or chug a few glasses of OJ to meet your daily vitamin C intake, but don’t be fooled! According to Healthline, lemons are a great source of vitamin C – containing around 77 mg of the powerful antioxidant per 100 grams with one medium sized lemon packing in approximately 92% of the current daily requirement for adults. If keeping your eyesight, cardiovascular health and immune system in check is important to you, we recommend stocking your cupboard with this impressive citrus fruit. Based on findings from a recent study published in Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine, vitamin C may “be beneficial to those whose immune systems may be weakened due to stress.” Antioxidants like vitamin C are key to shielding our bodies from free radicals – cell damaging compounds that stem from oxidative stress which may expose the body to numerous unwanted chronic illnesses. 

  • Enhances the Quality of Your Complexion 
  • Why dish out a hefty amount of cash for pricey serums and moisturizers packed with vitamin C when you can transform your skin from within for less. While pollutants, stress and prolonged sun exposure can wreak havoc on our complexions, resulting in premature ageing, we can remedy cell damage and firm our skin with vitamin C packed lemons. The vitamin C in lemons has the power to increase the production of collagen while preventing the formation of new wrinkles over time, helping you maintain a luminous and smooth complexion as you mature. Based on the results from a 2016 study that used a citrus based concoction with lemon as a key component, citrus juice has the power to mitigate the development of wrinkles in hairless mice. 

  • Relieves Poor Digestion Naturally 
  • A sedentary lifestyle or diet lacking in fiber rich foods like bananas, nuts, or oats for example, may result in irregular bowel movements and uncomfortable bouts of constipation. Lucky for you, the natural components within lemons – citric acid and vitamin C take on the role of a natural laxative, giving your digestive system some serious relief. In an interview with PopSugar certified clinical nutritionist Autumn Bates explained, “lemon juice can stimulate digestive enzymes that assist with elimination,” thus alleviating some of the discomfort associated with a blocked up system. 

  • Helps You Slim Down to a Healthy Weight 
  • We’re all about sticking to a weight that makes you feel strong, energized and completely comfortable in your own skin. Drinking lemon water can help you achieve your optimal weight without resorting to a restrictive diet, calorie counting or excessive exercise. Remember, balance is key! According to a 2009 study, participants who increased their intake of water over time lost a higher volume of body weight, without taking exercise or diet into account. As indicated by another study, an increased intake in water with a meal has the power to reduce your intake of excess calories and increase satiety.