By Najwa Khan

Announcement: Find dalci and So Much More at Brooklyn’s Pop Up Grocer


If you’re a resident of the tri-state area and need a rest from online shopping, we have some exciting news for you. All of our baked-to-order brownies and blondies will be available throughout the month of October through Sunday, November 1st at Pop Up Grocer – a traveling grocery store stocked with hundreds of game-changing food, beverage and body care brands. To ride your cart wild through the aisles, make sure to arrive at the store with a mask in hand. 

 If you’ve haven’t heard the buzz around town and by “town” we mean Instagram, Pop Up Grocer aims at bridging the gap between cool new brands and curious consumers. Founded by Emily Schildt in 2019 and inspired by London’s beautiful grocery displays, this shop “on wheels” isn’t your ordinary retailer. For one, Schildt uses social media to scout innovative brands like us and showcase them for a month at a time across U.S. cities – hence, the name “pop up.” So far, Pop Up Grocer has made its debut across cities like Manhattan, Austin and Los Angeles with Williamsburg, Brooklyn next in line for business. 

We’re super excited that our Dalci desserts are finally hitting the aisle in the Northeast area, even for just one month. If you haven't already added a box of our dalci treats to your virtual cart, why not stop by the fridge aisle at Pop Up Grocer where our gut-healthy brownies and blondies are up for grabs. Best of all, the curated shelves at Pop Up Grocer are packed with other awesome goodies – think healthy breakfast balls and bites, artisanal crackers, or herb infused beverages (yum!), for you to toss into your cart. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek of the great products you can expect to see stacked on shelves this month only. 

  1. Over Easy: Although dessert is our favorite meal of the day, breakfast definitely comes in as a close second when hearty oats, creamy nut butter or protein packed egg whites are in the mix. Lucky for us (and you), Over Easy managed to pack in some of our favorite nutrient-dense ingredients like dried apples and peanut butter into a portable breakfast bar that’s low in sugar and hard-to-pronounce ingredients, but high in protein and rich in fiber. If you’re on the hunt for a clean breakfast bar that doesn’t skimp on taste, we recommend snagging a few of Over Easy’s bars at the Pop Up Shop this month. 
  2. Yes! Apples: We’re all for saying yes to a brand that supports sustainable farming practices and farmers across New York state. Since 1919 Yes! Apples has teamed up with local apple farmers to produce a wide variety of fresh old-time favorites like Fuji or Honeycrisp and new, original high-quality picks like SnapDragon. Instead of settling for an ordinary apple, why not sink your teeth into a spicy sweet apple that supports environmentally friendly farming practices? Get ready to rethink apple picking season this month when you visit Pop Up Grocer. 
  3. AVEC Drinks: Shake, shake, shake yourself to a better-for-you cocktail with AVEC’s non-alcoholic carbonated mixers. We love sipping on classic cocktails like Moscow mules and spicy margaritas but hate the massive sugar hangovers we’re left with. Lucky for us, sugar triggered hangovers can be avoided when you trade in an unhealthy mixer for a low-cal, low sugar, all-natural option like AVEC. With your next zoom happy hour around the corner, why not consider stopping by Pop Up Grocer for AVEC’s better-for-you mixer. 
  4. Allawake Coffee: Nothing beats the sweet aroma of high-quality pour over coffee or the smooth taste of refreshing cold brew. Unfortunately, whipping up a delicious cup of joe can be a total time sucker or rough on your wallet. That’s why we’re slightly obsessed with Allawake Coffee’s mess free and time saving single-serve Mandheling coffee. You can find the single-serve packs on the “boosters and blends” shelf at Pop Up Grocer. 
  5. Aura Bora: Instead of cracking open a can of soda, why not opt for a feel-good refreshment that swaps nasty additives for fresh fruits and herbs. If “typical” flavored carbonated beverages won’t cure your soda cravings, we recommend giving Aura Bora’s unique sparkling waters a taste. Lucky for you, Pop Up Grocer is stocked with Aura Bora’s herbaceous and fruity waters like Basil Berry or Cactus Rose.