By Lisa Carson

Introducing What's Wrong With Food

Welcome to What’s Wrong With Food - our blog, substack, and weekly podcast where we do the homework for you on what exactly that hard-to-pronounce ingredient on the nutrition panel is. And how it's impacting your body and American food culture.

The goal of WWWF is not shame and blame specific ingredients or food choices. The goal of WWWF is to make complex and confusing information (like say, how Saccharin is derived from the same source material as paint thinner) understandable and actually fun to read or listen to. We go hard on making the science of what ingredients actually are an enjoyable listen or read, because frankly, it's hard to stay focused and actually digest information that's presented as it appears in the text book. So that's point #1: WWWF is designed to be fun. 

Point #2 is that WWWF is designed to refocus the responsibility to create change away from individual consumers and towards multinational corporations and governmental agencies. While we all know we should be eating whole, fresh foods the majority of the time; for many of us that simply isn't a reality. Because it simply isn't realistic. Whether it's for convenience or cost, processed foods and take out meals & snacks are woven into the fabric of American life. So it's just not in good faith to paint regular ole people (like us!) as the problem when our food system is profoundly slanted toward making these foods a necessity to begin with. And then making them as addictive as possible. Something's gotta give, y'all. And it ain't us - because we're all, collectively, already giving a lot. 

Call it naive, but we're here to hold power to account. We're on a mission to point out what's wrong with (American) food by simply pointing out what's in it. In a way that's easy, fun, and includes zero-preaching.

WWWF is hosted by Najwa Khan, dalci's founder and CEO, and me, Lisa Carson, dalci's Head of Marketing. The first season of WWWF premieres on 10.4.23 and is all about sweeteners. We hope you'll join us as we dig into the science behind the most common sweeteners - both sugar and non-sugar based - and occasionally get a liiiiitle unscripted about the state of the food industry. Because hey, I promised we wouldn't preach...but I can't promise we won't talk a little sh*t!


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