By Stephen Stancak

10 Healthy Packaged Late Night Organic Snacks for Midnight Cravings

A long night out or unsatisfying dinner can set off some serious midnight cravings for anything crunchy, salty and sweet. Instead of settling for a slice of cold leftover pizza, we recommend stocking your kitchen pantry up with healthy midnight snacks that are ready to munch on when late night cravings strike. 

To avoid satisfying the bad bacteria in your gut, you should aim to stock your kitchen cupboard with nutrient dense, convenient food options that were made for late night snackin and sippin. Nutrition experts give you the go-ahead to partake in some late night snacking as long as you munch on something with a healthy dose of fats, complex carbs and protein. 

Keep reading for a list of list of the top 10 satisfying snacks we recommend stocking your pantry with for when those late night cravings creep in.

Will Eating at Night Slow Down Your Metabolism?

We’ve all heard the false sleep myth that you should steer clear of late night snacking to avoid slowing down your metabolism. Luckily, experts in the health space are challenging this false belief and encouraging late night snackers to tune into their hunger cues. “Contrary to popular belief, metabolism does not shut down when we sleep. It ebbs and flows but overall remains consistent with our waking metabolism,” says Madeline McDonough MS, RDN

No matter the time, filling a rumbling belly up with gut friendly snacks is key to ensuring a restful night's sleep. We recommend fueling up on nutrient dense prepackaged snacks that’ll satisfy your cravings and take out the hassle of whipping together a late night meal. 

Why am I getting Late Night Cravings?

Before we jump into our list of snacking solutions, it's important to understand why these late night cravings are creeping in. 

Studies have found that cravings strike at night due to poor sleeping habits. For others, the reason is as simple as boredom- crazy right? According to healthline, eating at night may also be linked to eating disorders such as night eating syndrome where food is used as means of curbing uncomfortable emotions such as sadness and anger. If you notice your cravings are having a negative impact on your mood or interrupting your sleep, we recommend consulting your doctor or dietitian.

Now that we have a better understanding of the the different reasons behind late night hunger, let's jump into a list of satisfying healthy snack options. 

Ideas for Packaged Late Night Organic Snacks

If You're Craving a Savory, but Nutritious Midnight Snack Try

1. Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips 

Siete’s lime infused tortilla chips are the perfect late night snack option for when you’re craving something crisp and salty. While we’re slightly obsessed with the zesty lime flavor, we’re even bigger fans of the gut loving ingredients. In every bag of Siete, you won’t find harmful gut irritants like GMO corn. One study even linked the use of the herbicide– glyphosate in genetically modified crops to gut dysbiosis and the growth of harmful gut bacteria. To support a happy gut, every Siete chip is made from cassava flour– a high in resistant starch, grain free baking alternative that feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut.  

Siete Chips

2. Wholly Guacamole Organic Minis 

Who has time to make homemade guacamole at midnight? Luckily, we discovered the perfect dip to pair with a handful (or two) of your favorite gut loving tortilla chips. With Wholly Guacamole’s mini twist on their classic guac, it’s clear that good things (aka avocados) come in small packages. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that participants who consumed one avocado a day for 12 weeks saw a boost in their microbiome diversity.    

Wholly Guacamole

3. EPIC Chicken BBQ Seasoned Bar 

Chick it out, chicken might just be the new protein packed cure to sleepless nights. If you’re craving a finger licking good snack when the clock strikes midnight, we recommend sinking your teeth into EPIC’s gluten and antibiotic free, tangy BBQ seasoned protein bar. A research study from Purdue University found that a lower calorie diet combined with higher protein intake led to improved sleep quality for middle-age adults. 

EPIC Chicken BBQ Seasoned Bar

4. Seconds Everything Crunch Carrot Crackers 

Calling all late night snackers in need of a crispy, savory addictive snack to cure the late night munchies. This isn’t your average cracker. Made from upcycled dried carrots and spiced up with a blend of every New Yorker’s favorite seasoning, the Everything flavor is the sustainable cracker you’ll be dreaming of long after your last crunch. 

Seconds Everything Crunch Carrot Crackers


5. gimMe Sea Salt & Avocado Oil Premium Roasted Seaweed 

Who would've thought that seaweed, a sprinkle of sea salt and a dash of avocado oil combined would result in a dream worthy (and gut healthy) snack? We love satisfying our late night cravings with a plant based alternative that our taste buds and gut can enjoy. For all you plant based eaters, seaweed is a great prebiotic food to add to your diet. With a serving of avocado oil in every bite, sleep satisfied knowing that you're also treating your heart to a healthy late night snack. 

Sea Salt & Avocado Oil Seaweed

6. Us Two Jasmine Tea

We’re throwing it back to the younger years when mom’s remedy to a sleepless night was a warm glass of milk. We have some tea to spill. As adults, we’ve decided to ditch the dairy nightcap for a cozy cup of tea instead. Us Two offers a tempting polyphenol-rich jasmine tea made for winding down and sinking into a peaceful slumber. 

Us Two Jasmine Tea

If You’re Craving a Sweet Late Night Snack Try:

7. dalci Lemon Coconut Blondie 

To ease into a relaxing state when you’re craving some much needed shut-eye we recommend sipping on some warm lemon water. We love pairing our Lemon Coconut blondie with a mug of warm lemon water for an added dose of citrus. Baked with avocado oil and packed with unsweetened shredded coconut, our Lemon Coconut blondie is the perfect late night snack for when you’re craving a sweet (and tart) enough treat that’s filling. 

dalci lemon coconut blondie

8. Sakara Classic Superfood Granola

If you catch yourself craving a crisp bowl of cereal closer to bedtime, we’ve got you covered. Instead of opting for a bowl of sugar coated flakes, we recommend munching on Sakara’s Superfood Granola instead. When you satisfy your kiddy craving for a nostalgic bowl of sugary cereal, you’re bound to spend the rest of the night tossing and turning. A study published in 2016 found that diets higher in sugar resulted in a lighter, less restorative sleep. Lucky for you, one serving of Sakara’s superfood packed granola contains just 7g of unrefined coconut sugar.  With the addition of almonds and whole-grain oats, it’s the perfect pantry staple for keeping your blood sugar steady.   

Sakara Classic Superfood Granola

9. MUSH Vanilla Bean Ready to Eat Oats

You can feel good about upping your intake of complex carbs closer to sleepy time. Go easy on your digestive system and trigger serotonin- the sleepy hormone, when you fill up on a bowl of oatmeal. MUSH’s ready to eat overnight oats take the hassle out of prepping a creamy bowl of goodness when you’re in desperate need of getting some shut eye.

MUSH Vanilla Bean Ready to Eat Oats

10. Days Off Simple n’ Sweet Trio 

When sleepiness and sweet cravings kick in it’s easy to satisfy your sweet tooth with the closest candy bar. To avoid a late night sugar binge, we recommend lining up your pantry with a trio of organic chocolate bites that’ll curb your sugar cravings without disrupting your sleep. Midnight Magic is our favorite of the Days Off trio to munch on when we’re in a late night mood for a sweet and salty treat.

     Days off Bites Trio Jars