By Mohisha Patel

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching To A Gut-Healthy Lifestyle

So you’ve been introduced to the world of gut health, but you aren’t convinced? A healthy gut contributes to many aspects of your health such as your immune system, heart, brain, mood, sleep, and digestion. Did you know that your gut is often known as your second brain? How cool!

We know how overwhelming it can be to learn about a new topic so keep reading to get our top 4 reasons why you should consider switching to a gut-healthy lifestyle.

1.Better Digestion

Do you frequently experience heartburn, gas or bloating? The culprit may be an unhealthy gut. Changes in stomach acid, gut immunity and gastrointestinal flora (the ecosystem of bacteria in your digestive system) can slow down your natural digestive cycle.

Switching to a gut-healthy lifestyle by incorporating gut-friendly foods, probiotics, managing stress, and getting more sleep can drastically help with these symptoms. A healthy gut allows good bacteria to thrive while keeping bad bacteria in check which in return aids in digestion.

women dressed in a silk blue pajama set clutching onto her bloating belly

2. Absorb more nutrients

Even if you eat nutritious meals everyday, there is a chance that your gut isn’t actually absorbing any of the nutrients! Without a balanced gut our body fails to take advantage of utilizing all the nutrients we digest.

A healthy gut has probiotic bacteria that helps break down our food and helps absorb certain nutrients like B12. By absorbing needed nutrients, we feel AND look our best.

a eco friendly grocery bag with nutritious packed citrus fruits

3. Better mental health

Yup you heard us right! The state of your gut does impact your mental wellbeing. Since our gut is like our second brain the GI tract is made up of 200-600 million neurons embedded from our esophagus to our large intestine. As a result, an unhealthy gut can have a huge impact on our day to day mood and mindset.

The gut is also home to most of our body's serotonin which is known to have the ability to make us feel happier, calmer, less anxious, and more emotionally stable. This is where the concept of “gut-feeling” comes into play!

women with blonde hair and happy yellow smiley ballon at a carnival

4. Stronger immune system

Having a strong immune system is more important now than ever before! Our immune system is not only made up of our body’s defense system but also related to our micro-biome. The micro-biome is made up of many healthy and beneficial microbes that live in our gut. As a result, an unhealthy gut leads to a poor micro-biome which leaves the body unable to fight certain diseases.

Majority of our immune system is located in the gut and a healthy gut has plenty of probiotics which help fight foreign invaders such as flu bugs.

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How to get started

Now that you know more about the benefits of a gut-healthy lifestyle, you must be wondering how can I start? Before you start, please consult your doctor to find the best way to integrate a gut-healthy lifestyle. We recommend that you start your journey by focusing on gut-healthy food. 

Gut-friendly foods will have ingredients that are:

- high in fiber

- unprocessed and non-GMO

- low in trans/saturated fats

- low in glucose/fructose

- gluten-free, & free of soy, refined sugar, processed grains and dairy

- high in antioxidants and oleic acid

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