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  • 7 of the Healthiest Oils to Bake, Sauté, Sear with and More

    Top 7 Healthiest Oils to Cook With

    Author: Noelle Khan When it comes to baking a delicious grain-free dessert like our Dalci brownies or whipping up a quick stir fry, what oil comes to mind? As health-conscious individuals we all know that hydrogenated oils like margarine or...

  • Recipe: A Protein Packed Tropical Parfait Perfect for Busy Mornings

    Tropical Protein Breakfast Parfait Recipe

    Author: Noelle Khan Tropical Protein Breakfast Parfait On a busy weekday morning it’s easy to knock aside the first meal of the day when your to-do list is already jam-packed with meetings, gym sessions or happy hours. With an overloaded...

  • What is Cinnamon Good For? 6 Powerful Health Benefits

    What is Cinnamon Good For? 6 Powerful Health Benefits

    Author: Noelle Khan At Dalci we consider cinnamon – a traditional cooking spice with powerful healing properties, a pantry staple. You can find us dashing it into a warming bowl of morning oatmeal, sneaking it into a mid-day smoothie, or...

  • 5 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

    5 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

    Author: Noelle Khan At dalci, lemons and water are our main “squeeze” or morning staples for keeping our hunger at bay, naturally improving our digestive health and giving our skin a radiant glow from the inside out. Because lemon is...

  • 3 Gluten-Free Flours that are Delicious and Unique

    Top Best 3 Gluten-Free Delicious Flours for Baking

    Author: Najwa Khan Why Gluten Should be Eaten in Moderation We are all aware of the gluten-free food trend but do we actually know the impacts gluten has on our body and why it is worth trying gluten-free flour alternatives...

  • Does Coconut Sugar Live Up to the Health Hype or is it a Lie?

    Is Coconut Sugar (Really) Better for You?

      Author: Najwa Khan It seems like everyone is going CO-CO-NUTS for coconut these days. It is tooted as a healthy alternative substitute for milk, flour, soy, and even sugar.  As a result of the public understanding of the harmful...